2012/13 Still World and
third Italian League

The team opened season 2012/13 with the same players as the previous season and immediately started to win once again. The team was victorious in Qatar in the Club world cup (in the photo to the right celebrations in Piazza Duomo) whereas in Milan the team took revenge for its defeat against Macerata on V-Day winning the Italian cup for the second time in a row. On the other hand, the Champions League didn’t give much satisfaction: Juantorena and fellows were eliminated during the last sixteen by Dinamo Mosca and entered the Final four for the first time. The team concluded the season with its third championship returning to Trento after five final games played against Piacenza. The hero of the season was Giacomo Sintini: a setter who returned to sports after a year and a half of interruption to fight his battle against cancer and finding himself in a team of 5 due to Raphael’s hand injury. “Jack” was fearless leading his team to victory at the PalaTrento stadium on 12th May 2013 lifting not only the trophy into the air but also the qualification as best player.